VoIP-based voice and video transmission services

Typically, different options are considered for establishing telephone communications between organizations. At the moment, with progressing the technology of network systems, VoIP technology has been able to be of great importance in the IT world with reducing the cost of telephone conversations and providing a wide range of facilities in establishing telecommunications (conference rooms, recording telephone conversations, encrypting online conversations, etc.).

This technology, using the IP protocol, is implementable in the structure of organizational and inter organizational networks while it does not need the systems of conventional telephones for voice transmission.

Talayehdaran Corporation, using its experienced experts in creating video conferencing and VoIP systems can help its clients in this field by providing consultation, installation and providing VoIP equipment services.

• Providing types of equipment based on VoIP module service (VOIP IP Phone, Call Manager)

• Consulting and providing economical approaches in the field of setting up VoIP

• Consulting, designing, and installing VoIP services including:

  • Setting up the IVR service for linking the urban telephone lines with the organizational lines
  • Setting up voice and video conferencing rooms service
  • Defining the required internal lines for the central organization and its branches in counties in the communication platform

• Providing comprehensive documentation and training after completion of every project

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