Talayehdaran on the road of eminence

Talayehdaran-e Shabake-ye Azerbaijan corporate group in traversing the road of eminence, has included special care towards human recourses, as one of the main pillars of the company, in its working planning. Continuous communication between the managers and the personnel in different hierarchies of the company has been among the actions which have made the solidity of the foundation of the great family of Talayehdaran be realized so far. Precise and extensive division of work among different units and hierarchies, based on capabilities and interests of employees, scheduled trainings for different hierarchies of the organization, utilization of participatory management systems to motivate human resources, and various welfare systems for the staff, outsourcing some part of activities in order for the increase of agility of the organization has been among the actions of Talayehdaran in this regard.
For this purpose, the organization have set their growth and development as well as the increase of customers’ satisfaction level as their most important organizational and social responsibility and relying on the staff’s capabilities and knowledge, efficient management methods, and believing that the quality of services, management of customers’ complaints, environmental protection and protecting personnel’s safety and health are among the most important factors of success in maintaining the top position in the market, stick the following pivots in their actions:

1. Market development and retaining top position among competitors

2. Achieving customers’ satisfaction, with meeting their expectations, demands, and recognizing basic causes of their complaints

3. Fairly and neutrally responding and managing customers’ complaints in the minimum amount of time

4. Clarifying about the process of complaint handling and informing complainants and other beneficiary parties

5. Commitment to follow national rules, requirements and regulations in accordance with the activities and the services of the organization

6. Achieving personnel’s satisfaction through promoting individual awareness and knowledge level, creating clean, safe and convenient place for development novel ideas by the most valuable organizational assets

7. Movement in light of stable development with optimal use of resources and energy

8. Commitment to protect personnel’s safety and health with identifying threats, evaluating and reducing safety risks, and maintaining occupational health

9. Commitment to environmental protection with identifying, evaluating and reducing environmental obvious aspects arising from the activities and the services of the organization

10. Maintaining agility of the organization with increasing efficiency of processes of integrated management system relied on continuous innovation and improvement