Providing Comprehensive Services of Virtualization Installation

Resource planning and energy consumption are significant problems in cloud computing. Due to the scale and complexity of the various sources, Performance Theory Analysis and energy consumption planning and the algorithm for resource allocation in the cloud environment is often difficult. Therefore, the virtualization framework has become an important way to complete the evaluation. VMWare is one of the most popular and powerful systems for setting up cloud computing systems.

Today, this method is used to optimize the use of server resources and reduces the cost of purchasing and installing and maintaining servers by 70%. At the moment, different services are located on different servers, so problems such as software mismatches, software bugs, and hardware problems don’t result in disruption of all services. In statistics server performance is between 5% and 15%.

These statistics mean that all servers capabilities are not optimally used. The server virtualization technology, using the empty space in servers (over 70%) allows multiple operation systems to be installed on a hardware device and without the lack of hardware resource, it increases the servers performance up to 80%.

Cloud computing has attracted much attention in both the academic and industry communities. In cloud computing, server Integration, one approach to efficiently use server resources is to reduce the total number of servers that users need. Server stabilization is due to virtualization technology that allows the virtual machine to share multiple physical resources on a single computer. Total virtual machine resources for sharing the same server should not exceed when the server requires few service providers. Server virtualization provides a technical solution to consolidate multiple servers to increase energy consumption and savings.