Offering Comprehensive Securing Services, ISMS, and Penetration Test (Pentest)

Nowadays, with the development of security threats, the existence of a safe structure in organizations and offices seems necessary. Organizations which their entity generally depends on information technology must use all possible means to protect their information. In order to achieve acceptable security of information, there will be need for cooperation with customers, business partners and the government. Meanwhile, a periodic control of information security by security agencies will be an acceptable way in this regard. Implementing existing security standards helps organizations to achieve their goals as well. Implementation basically takes place in two levels. In the first level, which is an overall level, focus is on business and security processes, such that the culture of information security is studied as the main concepts of this level and efforts are made to improve the behavior and performance of employees in organizations and convey security criteria at all organizational hierarchies. In the second level, using international standards and required systems and tools, technical implementation is carried out more comprehensively. After implementing management and business processes as well as technically and operationally implementing security, the organization can ascertain suitable coverage of information security management to an acceptable extent.

Talayehdaran Corporation, regarding technical ability of its engineering staff and cooperation with prominent international companies in this field, is capable of providing services relevant to high-quality information security management system for the applicant organizations. Description of the providable services within this category are as followed:

Consulting, designing, implementing, reviewing, and assurance

• Culture building and training including holding training seminars and courses

• Preparing a justification plan using penetration testing methods and evaluating security weaknesses

• Consulting on preparing suitable stages to improve the organization’s security status and relevant RFP’s to select suitable executor for the implementation of the ISMS

• Inviting international certificates provider companies to provide for audit head and certificates issuance

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