Electronic Surveillance Systems(CCTV)

Video surveillance systems have been used as an important tool in monitoring and providing security issues from years ago. Regarding the long history of these systems, many changes and developments has occurred in this field such that knowing these progresses and the achievements and technologies, can greatly help the managers and the experts who are choosing and implementing a video surveillance system.
Today, in industrial and office centers, closed circuit TV (CCTV) are frequently used to monitor the physical environment and observe the staff or the workers’ work in the direction of better and more efficient control and management. These systems are also referred as video control systems.
The use of CCTV systems is growing day by day, and regarding the technology of manufacturing its equipment which is based on the electronic and computer industry, manufacturing and producing the equipment of these systems is continuously evolving and progressing.
Basically, taking closed-circuit camera images might follow one or more main objectives such as:

• Protection, preservation, and safety

• Control, management, and surveillance

• Training and research
Nowadays, this system is used for protecting and surveilling important, crowded, and dangerous places. Museums, department stores, prisons, airports, subway and railway stations, and even hospitals and schools are some of other places which are provided with this system. Another function of the closed-circuit systems is supervising. Today, many managers supervise their workforce’s work by these systems. Also, traffic management of cities is based on closed-circuit systems.