Design and Implementation of Structured Networks (LAN)

With the daily increase of the use of computer systems in the organizations and the institutions of the country and necessity of using computer networks, Talayehdaran group has established its activities based on up-to-date knowledge and researches in the field of advanced networks. In this regard, aiming at implementing, developing or improving the structure and infrastructure of computer networks of organizations and companies, consultation and implementation of services are provided.
In the design and the implementation of the infrastructure networks, the following services are providable in order to ensure the speed and required standards:

• Design and implementation of structured networks using the latest global standards

• Design and implementation of data centers and server rooms based on ANSI/BICS1002/TIA942 standards

• Providing the newest active and passive networks, and network infrastructure equipment

• Providing network testing services with the newest global testers and documentation in written and multimedia form

• Execution of cat7, cat8 and optical fiber projects in the shortest time

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