Design and Implementation of Data Centers (Based on ANSI/BISCI 002, TIA942 standards)

The information plays an important role in the success of an organization, and since the information repository of every organization is the server and its backup hardware, hence, creating a safe place to store this equipment is a priority that must be considered.
The daily expansion of data centers, high cost of its equipment, and also great importance and value of the data has made to provide suitable, standard and reliable platform for equipment and data before building these kinds of centers. Accordingly, the following activities and systems are implemented in order to provide the physical security of data centers and protect data within the data center.

• Consulting, designing and implementing server room based on ANSI/BISCI002, TIA942, IP, ISO27000 standard

• Designing the plan of server room, cabling, busses, hardware distribution, implementation of the methodology of power distribution

• Consulting, designing and implementing of and fire, frost, and dust proof false floors, ceilings, and walls

• Consulting, designing and implementing of fire alarm and fire extinguishing system, cooling system, air conditioning and complete isolation of the server room

• Consulting, designing and implementing comprehensive security and surveillance system

• Anti-theft and traffic control of server room systems

• Implementation of the three layer network model

• Consulting, designing and implementing emergency power system, earthing well and generator of server room

• Consulting, designing and implementing comprehensive server room automation system (BMS)

According to the definition provided by the Energy Policy Renewable, data centers are very essential infrastructure components that support the internet, digital commerce, and electronic communication sectors, and they are sources of all provided services on the network. As a result, all of the provided services must work precisely, on schedule, and nonstop.
Creating a data center requires a very precise and extensive planning and the intended purposes of its design must be defined clearly in order for reaching the purposes to be feasible, and also all standards in different parts should be considered. Accordingly, Talayehdaran Company offers the following services:

• Studying and identifying existing infrastructures and services of the organization

• Feasibility study and requirement assessment

• Providing justification plan for setting up a data center in terms of economical and human resources savings